Friday, September 5, 2008

Details on Visit to Hanle

I just saw this in my inbox. Vikrant (from SPACE) had in his email to me referred to Tushar Prabhu from IIAp. So, it was great to see his email in my inbox. I think this gives you some idea of what it takes to go to the world's highest observatory at Hanle -

Sep-Oct is a nice time to visit when the minimum temperature would be between 0 and 5 C. Weather would be fine, though there is a small chance of light rain
or snow.

You will need to reach Leh and acclimatize yourself: full bed rest on
the first day and minimal activity on the second. You can proceed to
Hanle on the third, or better fourth day. It takes 7-8 hours
(effectively full day) to travel to Hanle from Leh. We have vehicles
plying once in a few days. You will thus need to make travel plans with
8-10 days available between Leh-Hanle-Leh.

He's also been kind enough to offer me to make arrangements for my stay and travel between Leh and Hanle. I think this might be a great way to start - from the highest observatory in the world!

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