Friday, September 5, 2008

ToIt Spreadsheet additions

ToIt expands as Telescopes of India tour.

Anyway, I got a couple of observatories from Ajay Talwar. You can see the updated spreadsheet here.
  • Sampuranand Telescope, ARIES, Nainital.
  • Mt. Abu Observatory, Gurushikhar.
He also told me about a telescope at DU and his own 20" Dobsonian Mobile telescope. Reference to an old British-era observatory at Thiruvananthapuram was also made.

Thanks for the links Ajay! I don't know whether the telescope @ DU qualifies because I'm looking at telescopes of the observatory kind. I know there are many amateurs all over the country with beautiful telescopes but I'm not sure how I'd go to every place with a telescope. Perhaps, that's for another tour - The Amateur Telescopes of India tour?

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